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Help us get The Traveler back to that Morning In May!

We're going to NYMF August 2nd to August 6th,

but in order to get there we need your help!


Wanna learn more first? Then keep reading...

We'll cut to the chase: NYMF ain't cheap, and Ludo's Broken Bride is a big show with lots of overhead costs-- with a cast of 14, band of 8, plus staff of almost 50 doing everything from puppet design to stage crew badassery, there are a lot of moving pieces to be considered and paid for. But have no fear, our insanely dedicated, talented crew of weirdos are already working day and night to pull together an incredible production just for you! That being said, they could use a little help in order to make it as big and awesome as it possibly can be. That's where you come in...

Please consider donating by clicking HERE and making sure LUDO's Broken Bride is selected from the drop-down menu to donate to us!

Through NYMF's Fiscal Sponsorship program, NYMF, a 501 c(3)k non-profit is able to accept 100% tax-deductible donations (ooh, fancy!!) that will be regranted specifically to our production in order to help cover our costs. Then, NYMF provides all donors with letters of acknowledgement and receipts of tax-deductability. Our goal? To raise $40,000 (yes, you read that right) which is only about half the cost of our production (yes, you also read that right). No profit is going to be made off of this show-- it's a developmental festival production that just happens to have lots of fancypants bells and whistles because that's how we roll at LUDO's Broken Bride. Puppets? We got 'em. Projections? Got those too. Zombie Masks? Check and check. If everyone gives a little, it adds up fast... and if you can't make it to the show, this is an excellent way to show your support if we do say so ourselves. (Which we do say so ourselves.)

So.... wanna help us cover the costs for a pterodactyl? How about a time machine? What about a dancer? Or two? Or four? (YES, we have four dancers, count 'em, four!)

Well, all ya gotta do is click here or on the following link, then select "Ludo's Broken Bride" as the earmark option from the dropdown menu on the donations portal.

NOTE: You must select LUDO's Broken Bride from the dropdown menu or we won't get the donation!


In addition to our undying gratitude and a personalized thank you, we will list you as a special thanks in our program at various levels including...

Broken Brides - $3000+

Time Travelers - $1000+

Angels of the Apocalypse - $100+

Rapid Raptors - $50+

Swarming Pterodactyls $25+

King Simius' Skeletons $1+

For lack of wanting to sound cliche, every little bit counts... so... please... donate to help us bring the awesomeness that is Ludo's Broken Bride to NYMF and spread a little Ludo love with the world!

We are also planning on throwing in a special surprise for all donors that we're not allowed to tell you about...

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